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Day #22 Progress Check & Understanding Alcohol (Week 3)

Coach❤️Theah 30 day Primal & Low Carb Challenge

❤️ Reflect on what we've learned:

✅Eat lots of animals & ✅plants

✅ Don't be sedentary

✅Sleep ~ go to bed on time 🕙

✅Get plenty of sunshine 🌞

❤️Do something you love everyday 💃

Below is my post, if you want to a refresher on these primal habits

Let's talk about Alcohol 🍸 & Oxidative Priority

If you are going to indulge this weekend with cocktails here are my tips to limit weight gain.

First, let’s discuss Oxidative Priority “Say What?” LOL… it is simple.. this is the ORDER that your body USES food you eat in order or it stores it as fat.....

#1 is Alcohol - Why? Your body considers this poisonous item and it can’t be stored. So, your body works hard to use it first.

#2 Protein - Most of us do not overeat protein because it is so satiating. Protein is the most challenging macronutrient for our bodies to convert into energy, so it is a poor energy source for everyday use. Your appetite for high-protein foods also shuts down once you’ve had enough. Protein is to rebuild our muscles, keep us full and it doesn’t get stored as fat (therefore, if you overeat it, it won’t get stored as fat)

#3 Carbohydrates - While your body likes to maintain some glucose (carbs/sugar) in your bloodstream, you won’t burn the FAT in your blood if you have too much glucose (carbs) floating around. A little dietary carbohydrate can quickly raise your blood sugar levels because you can only store about 5 g of glucose in your blood (about a teaspoon’s worth). This is why athletes burn out because our bodies can’t store enough to get through a marathon run.

#4 Fats - Unfortunately, because your body loves to store it, your body fat is last in line to be used. That is why a low carbohydrate diet works best to lose weight because your body can adapt and burn fat for fuel. This is critical for endurance athletes for long term energy… one you teach your body to burn fat, you have a lot more stored for your body to optimize and utilize that fuel for energy.

Fat is used when you are fasting when you are fat adapted

And this is why high protein, low fat, low carb days can help you jump start weight loss

This weekend❤️ here are my tips

🥂Limit drinking and eat at the same time

🍸Eat earlier in the day or late afternoon if you know you are going to be drinking in the evening

🍸Wait until after your meal to have a glass of wine or cocktail

🍸opt for lower carb drinks, wine, champagne, seltzer, spirits with Sparkling water, seltzer, and club soda (no sugar), dirty martini

❤️If you are going to eat and drink during the same eating window:

❤️opt for lean protein – this can’t get stored as fat

❤️leave the starchy carbs (potatoes, rice and corn)

❤️skip desert

❤️Drink water between drinks

❤️Following morning, hydrate with water, electrolytes, take a walk and skip breakfast (that puts you back into fat burning and your off again)


Today's Activity: Keep it simple

✅Eat lots of Plants & Animals (Supportive Foods)

✅Play! Do something you love ❤️

✅Get some sunshine (morning walk will give you two ✅✅)

✅Micro Workout (pick 3)

✅Go to bed on time

✅Do You! Post a #happyday FB support site


Today's Workout: Walking & Micro Workout

🚶 Walk for 30 minutes

🚶 Continue to increase steps to reach 10K per day or more

🏋️ Form 3 habit micro workouts that you can commit to for this week

Heads up for next week activities:

Food tracking & macros

Plan for 2 Protein Days (maybe start a shopping list for the weekend)

Carbs ~ how many to support weight-loss

Lastly we will work on IF (Intermittent fasting)

Today's Recipe: Fish Friday

❤️ Try to add some fish to your diet today

❤️I love fish because it is high in protein, you can keep it lean or add some fat

Today's tips:

❤️Cook at home

❤️Try fasting until lunch if you have plans for Friday night

❤️Enjoy your coffee or team

Do you! Something you love #happydays



❤️DISCLAIMER: Please always check with your primary health care provider before starting any supplement regime. More importantly, it is critical to monitor your numbers and levels of which you are on medication for insulin, thyroid medication, blood pressure, whatever it may be. With this diet and specific supplements, you begin to heal and you may over time be able to reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications. ❤️


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