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Day #4 "Don't Sit Still"

30 day Coach❤️Theah Primal & Low Carb Challenge

❤️ Are you following the 5 Healthy Habits to live by?

❤️Don't be sedentary

Let's take a little break from talking about food, supportive and unsupportive food, foods to avoid etc... and let's talk about movement!

Don't Sit Still ~ PERIOD!

❤️ Frequent everyday movement ~ Walking, Jogging, Biking, Hiking

❤️ Lift something heavy: regular strength training 3 days per week. Yoga, Squats, Pushups

❤️ Micro Workout

❤️ On occasion: Hight Intensity ~ Challenge your body ~ Sprinting, HIITs

~walking ~ walking~ walking

Micro Workout Suggestions

❤️ 20 Jumping Jacks per minute for 5 minutes or run in place or butt kicks

❤️ 20 second plank (repeat 3 times)

❤️ 20 squats per minute for 5 minutes

❤️ 3 sets of push-ups

Check out these videos....

❤️Success..... If you did one or you did many... consider that a win. We will build on these core strength micro workouts as we move forward in the challenge

Today's Activity:

❤️Choose Supportive Foods ~ Plants & Animals

❤️Reflect on your goals

❤️Go for a walk

❤️Add in a micro workout


Today's Workout: Walking & Micro Workout

❤️ Walk for 22 minutes after lunch or evening

❤️ Increase the # of steps by 10% from the previous day

❤️Try a Micro Workout

❤️ Walk the dog, catch up with your children or walk with a neighbor or friend

Today's Recipe: Burger

❤️ It's the weekend and therefore, you might be out with friends or running errands, you might want to enjoy a cocktail in the sun and have a burger.

That's okay... enjoy

just.... skip the bun and french fries. You can toss that burger on a salad or have it wrapped in lettuce, opt for coleslaw or a veggie on the side.

❤️If you are having brunch, you could get a burger topped with a fried egg..... I mean yum... it will be so filling, you won't miss the fries or bun.

Today's tips:

❤️ Protein & fat in the AM will help control hunger and cravings later in the day

❤️Limit fruits or other carbs in the morning

❤️ Coffee with heavy cream, a TSP of butter, or some monk fruit, stevia is fine

❤️Limit fats in the evening, this enables your body to burn body fat while sleeping

~If you IF (Intermittent fast) and skip breakfast, your first meal should still be focused on protein ~


Program FAQ’s

❓Can the entire family participate? Yes, the primal food list provides a variety of foods that will keep even kids satisfied

❓Can you do Intermitting fasting? Yes, if you are currently fasting and are comfortable, you can maintain your schedule

❓ How much weight can I lose? Depending on your current weight and weight loss goals average weight-loss is 20 lbs

❓Can I workout on the plan? Of course, I always recommend daily movement, this will help you keep cravings at bay and

❓ How many carbs can I consume in the first week? 20 grams of carbs per day in the first week. This will enable you to get into fat burning faster

❓Can I have coffee? Yes, with cream, coconut cream, butter, almond milk or other nut butters… No, to sugar. You can use Monk Fruit and or Stevia. .

❓Can I have sweeteners? Yes, using monk fruit, stevia, erythritol, vanilla and or maple extracts can be used in moderation

❓Can I get electrolytes to avoid cramping and headaches? Yes, here are my favorite - LMNT Salt, Ultima Electrolytes or just drink pickle juice, add potassium and a magnesium supplements. Check out my blog post on “Supplements I recommend for everyone”


❤️DISCLAIMER: Please always check with your primary health care provider before starting any supplement regime. More importantly, it is critical to monitor your numbers and levels of which you are on medication for insulin, thyroid medication, blood pressure, whatever it may be. With this diet and specific supplements, you begin to heal and you may over time be able to reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications. ❤️

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