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Healthy Habits to live by....Coach❤️Theah “The 5 primal pillars to follow everyday”

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Five Habits that build a foundation of overall health and well being

❣️Eat lots of animals & plants

⛔ Don't be sedentary

❤️ Get plenty of sunshine 🌞

❤️ Do something you enjoy everyday 💃

❤️ Sleep 💤

Seems easy....right? Well with busy schedules, the availability of processed food, our modern world isn't built to support these habits

# 1 Eat Lots of Animals & Plants

⛔Avoid grains, sugars, and industrialized seed and vegetable oils (canola, corn, soybean, safflower, etc.). These foods are pro-inflammatory and nutrient-poor. They contribute to all manner of chronic disease

❤️ Enjoy plenty of meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats and oils. These are the foods that have sustained humans for as long as we have been roaming the planet.

❤️Decide what works best for you.... some people enjoy eating more animal protein where others choose to eat a more plant based diet. Just choose from the many primal-friendly foods options, eating sufficient protein.

❤️Food is meant to be enjoyed! Any way of eating that makes you feel bored, deprived, or sad isn't sustainable. You can eat primally and truly love what you eat.

#2 Don't be Sedentary

Our modern way of living has made everything accessible by the touch of a device... We no longer have to move and so many of us are even working remotely and don't have to get up and walk to the car, the office, go out for lunch or other everyday movement.

❤️The human body is meant to walk, jog, climb, push, pull, carry, bend.....

❤️For overall good health, one of your top priorities is to move daily.

Include: Walking 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

Lift: lift heavy things: Resistance Exercises

Occasional High Intensity - sprint or other movement

⛔Avoid prolonged periods of sitting

✓ take frequent working breaks and walk

✓ Incorporate "micro workouts"

Try the primal 21 day micro workout challenge

❤️Walking is the best exercise there is.... it is a staple in your primal way of overall health

✓engage in a walking challenge with friends, a group of co-workers or neighbors

❤️Resistance exercises designed to challenge your muscles (doesn't have to be at the gym)

✓engage in a couple sessions per week 10-20 minutes 3x per week

❤️Listen to your body and prioritize rest and recovery

#3 Get Plenty of Sunshine

❤️Connection with nature is the vital to well being

✓being outside will improve mood & reduce stress

❤️City dwellers, seek out a park or other green space

❤️Sunlight is by far the most effective method of increasing vitamin D levels

✓Recent studies suggest that 40-50% of us are deficient in vitamin D

✓low vitamin D levels are associated with serious health problems including, heart disease, certain cancers, depression, osteoporosis, and COVID-19

❤️Make an effort to get outside each day and let the sunlight hit your bare skin

#4 Do something you love ❤️ everyday

❤️Make time to do something you love everyday.... Sounds simple, Right?

Yes, I'm giving you permission to let loose, laugh, dance a funky dance with your kids or grandkids, play fetch with your dog, or even read a novel or enjoy a podcast.

❤️This is about living a life that includes moments of joy

For me, I love to take my dog "Rocky" for a run in the morning. Or we may walk to the beach or maybe we'll go out on the boat for the afternoon. I love to cook with friends and I enjoy listening to health podcasts and I love to blog. Find your passion and make the time to enjoy it everyday.

#5 Go to Bed On-time

❤️Prioritize rest and sleep

❤️It's impossible to be healthy without getting quality sleep

❤️Good Sleep starts with going to bed on time

For more information on sleep... check out this article and other related links

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