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Day #2 "Supportive vs. Unsupportive Foods"

March Madness Coach❤️Theah Primal & Low Carb Challenge

#CoachTheah #Primal #KETO

❤️ The first week is about "going Primal"

❤️ Today we will focus on on choosing Supportive foods

❤️ Keep supportive foods around

❤️ Avoid having "unsupportive" foods around

❤️ Follow the 5 Healthy Habits to live by...

Seems easy....right?

Mindset: Supportive vs. Unsupportive foods

What are supportive foods?

❤️ Supportive foods move you closer to your health goals

❤️ Unsupportive foods can impair your progress. Individuals have different goals and unique bodies, so everyone’s list of supportive foods might be a little different.

For example: for me, I'm sensitive to dairy: Therefore, dairy isn’t a supportive choice for me or someone who is lactose intolerant and wants to improve their digestion. Also, I find that dairy hinders or slows my weight loss efforts

❤️I like to coach my clients to say “supportive” and “unsupportive” instead of “good” and “bad.” Labeling foods as “bad” leads to guilt and shame if you slip up by eating those foods. Shame isn’t part of the Primal eating plan. Also, it can make them more tempting.

❤️~ can you relate ~❤️

❤️Likewise, we strongly prefer to say “supportive/unsupportive” instead of “allowed/not allowed.”

You are ALLOWED to eat whatever you want

❤️ You are CHOOSING foods that are consistent with your goals ❤️

❤️ Protein: meat, poultry, fish, eggs

❤️ Plants: Leafy greens, plentiful of vegetables

❤️ Healthy fats (organic dairy, avocado oil, olive oil) etc..

❤️ Dairy - if tolerated

❤️ Nuts in moderation

What foods are "unsupportive"

Don't buy foods that doesn't support your goals, period! Easy, Right? There are so many options for unsupportive foods, at the office, in the car...

Pantry Purge

❤️ packaged foods processed with seed oils

❤️ cookies, soda, fruit juices, oatmeal

❤️ Refined Sugar and sugary snacks - condiments with unhealthy ingredients

❤️ Pasta, rice, and other cooking grains

❤️ Avoid gluten

Focus on Lots of plants & animals

Pantry Re-stocking

❤️ Eggs, Animal Protein (meats, fish, poultry)

❤️ Canned items (tuna, salmon, chicken)

❤️ Dairy - cream, half & half, greek yogurt (plain), cottage cheese

❤️Fruits - berries, fresh or frozen (look for organic)

Here is a link to Mark's Daily Apple Quick Start Guide

Grass-fed meats and organic dairy products, pasture-raised poultry and eggs, wild and sustainably harvested seafood, and organic or pesticide-free, locally grown veggies are top-tier choices.

Here are some links & reference material for today

Today's Activity:

❤️Choose Supportive Foods

❤️Pantry Purge & restock - you can donate any purged items

❤️Go for a walk

❤️ Get some Sunshine


Today's Workout: Walking

❤️ Walk for 20 minutes after lunch

❤️ Increase the # of steps by 10% from the previous day

❤️ Walking includes shopping, grocery shopping etc..

❤️ Walk the dog, catch up with your children or walk with a neighbor or friend

Today's Recipe: Bacon, Avocado Bowl

❤️ Start your day with some protein - eggs, sausage, ham, bacon

❤️ Protein & fat in the AM will help control hunger and cravings later in the day

❤️ Coffee with heavy cream, a TSP of butter, or some monk fruit, stevia is fine

if you IF (Intermittent fast) and skip breakfast, your first meal should still be focused on protein.

This bacon & Avocado bowl is a great breakfast/lunch option