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Day #8 "Weigh-in Wednesday" & "Get Sunshine"🌞

Updated: Mar 10

Coach❤️Theah 30 day Primal & Low Carb Challenge

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It's been a full week since we started... today let's check our progress and look at what is on the horizon for week 2 of the challenge

❤️ Are you following the 5 Primal Laws? This is what we have learned.....

Eat lots of animals & plants

Don't be sedentary

Sleep ~ go to bed on time 🕙

Get plenty of sunshine 🌞

❤️Do something you love everyday 💃

Below is my post, if you want to a refresher on these primal habits

❤️We haven't talked much about the importance of Sunshine... Let's chat about that, check our progress for the week and I'll set the agenda for the next 7 days.

Pillar #3 Get Plenty of Sunshine

❤️Connection with nature is the vital to well being

✓being outside will improve mood & reduce stress

❤️City dwellers, seek out a park or other green space

❤️Sunlight is by far the most effective method of increasing vitamin D levels

✓Recent studies suggest that 40-50% of us are deficient in vitamin D

✓low vitamin D levels are associated with serious health problems including, heart disease, certain cancers, depression, osteoporosis, and COVID-19

❤️Make an effort to get outside each day and let the sunlight hit your bare skin

Today's Activity:

❤️Get some sunshine (morning walk will give you two )

❤️Choose supportive foods and eat lots of animals and plants

❤️Three Micro workouts (remember we are making this a habit)

❤️Go to bed on time

❤️Go for a Walk

❤️Post a success on our FB support site


Today's Workout: Walking & Micro Workout

🚶 Walk for 25 minutes ~15 before work ~ 10 at lunch

🚶 Continue to increase steps to reach 10K per day or more

🏋️ Form 3 habit micro workouts that you can commit to for this week

Heads up for tomorrow & week 2:

❤️ Food tracking app

❤️ We will learn about macros & the importance of them

❤️ We will learn about our last primal law #4 Do Something you LOVE everyday

~ Seems simple, right?

❤️️ Carbs ~ how many to support weight-loss

❤️ Protein - the importance of it and quality

❤️ Protein Sparing Modified Fast - how to use this to assist with weight-loss

❤️ Lastly we will work on IF (Intermittent fasting)

Today's Recipe: Chicken Parmesan or similar

❤️ Check out these Chicken Italian recipes

Today's tips:

Eat animal & plants