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❤Macros... what are they and why are they important

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

When it comes to diet, there is a lot of conflicting information and details to consider. When it comes to my coaching program, I like to focus on real food and follow the primal pyramid, however that isn't all that easy to follow... so, let me help you with your macro's and what will help with weight loss and/or maintenance.

Body composition is 80% diet, limit processed carbs, include sufficient protein and fat to fuel and rebuild your body.

Protein: Average .6-1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass per day

Carbs: For weight-loss 50-100 grams for primal, paleo, low carb diet.

KETO <50 grams, I typically recommend less than 30 grams to kickstart weight loss.

Fat: no limitation but, no requirement to "add" extra fat.. the foods we eat contain dietary fat

Moderate Carb / Primal/ Paleo - great for long term health and longevity. Can adjust carbs to obtain weight-loss

❤️Protein 20% / Fat 60% / Carbs 10-15%

🚫avoid dense starchy carbs, potatoes, rice, bananas

❤️For weight-loss carbs should be less than <50 grams per day

❤️ Fresh vegetables and low-glycemic fruits, including all berries and most stone fruits such as avocado, olives, cherries, plums, and peaches are included

KETO Macro - great for kickstart and weight-loss (difficult for long term maintenance)

❤️Protein 20% / Fat 75% / Carbs 5% (20 grams or less)

🚫avoid fruits, packaged KETO foods

🚫Use an app to track your macros (Myfitnesspal, Chronometer)

❤️Count total carbs (not net carbs)

❤️ This is a great short term reset diet, help you obtain fat burning and KETO,

Choose your macro's based on the foods you enjoy to ensure you make the right long term decisions for overall health


What to avoid regardless of diet

⛔ Seed Oils (Corn and Canola, Veg Oil & Margarines)

Sweets and refined Sugar

Processed Foods & Meats

Sugary Beverages (beverages with sugar, including juice)

Combining Carbs with high fat food

Organic ~ Pesticides ~ Wild ~ Purchase locally

❤️ Try to consume organic and or pesticide-free produce (fruits & veggies). If you can find fruit and veggies that grows wild, this is by far the best choice.

❤️ Meat & Poultry - buy local, pasture raised or 100% grass-fed (and ideally grass-finished)

❤️ Eggs should be pasture raised organic

❤️ Lean meats and poultry

❤️ Seafood - Look for wild caught

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