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Eggs... ❤️Everything you need to know about eggs....

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

During my programs, we will discuss the importance of protein and veggies (eat plants & animals). One of my favorite sources of protein are eggs. This post guides you on why I love eggs, the health benefits, the nutritional value of eggs, what to buy and what to avoid.

Primal, Gluten Free, KETO, Low Carb, #CoachTheah❤️Approved

First let's look at the nutrients in an egg:

❤️ 78 Calories ❤️Gluten-Free

❤️ 6 grams of Protein ❤️Calcium 24.6 g

❤️ 5 grams of fat ❤️Keto/Paleo

❤️Low in Sodium ❤️70 mg Potassium

❤️Vitamins B2, B12, Vitamin A, B5, and Selenium


❤️Health Benefits of Eggs

First, 100% Bio-available source of protein: Eggs rank as #1 of the highest at 100%, meaning for every gram of protein consumed by eggs, your body will metabolize, abort and utilize 100% of that protein and they are easy to digest. (Chicken has a biologic value of 80 and not as easily digested and pork is only at 540)

Maintain Muscle Mass: Eggs are a great source of protein. Eating foods with protein can help you build and maintain muscle, which can become difficult as we age.

Eating eggs is a good way of increasing HDL. One study shows that eating two eggs per day for six weeks increased HDL levels by 10% in humans.

Healthy Fats

Promotes Eye Health

Supports Brain health development

❤️What to buy:

There are all kinds of different eggs on the market, farm fresh, free range, cage free, organic, USDA grade eggs….

Here is my opinion on what to buy and why

❤️Pasture Raised – each hen gets 108 sq. ft per of pasture for themselves

❤️Free Range – the hens only receive 2 sq. ft of pasture for themselves… that is a big difference when it comes to how the hens diversify their diet with bugs and plants even though they tend to congregate together. You will notice the difference in YOLK color. Pasture raised tend to have a darker more orange like color.

Some things are worth paying more for. Pasture-raised and free-range organic eggs are two of those things!

❤️#1 Source is pastured eggs is your own community—a family farm, small commercial farm, local farmer’s market, feed store, CSA, co-op, or your own backyard!

❤️ I love my hens and the small coop that I have, they are easy to keep, take care of and you will love having them in your own backyard. (watch the video below of me feeding my girls). If you are lucky to live near me, you will be happy to enjoy my pasture raised organic island eggs from my lovely girls.

❤️#2 Source is Pasture-Raised Organic

My favorite brands are “Vital Farms” – Pasture-Raised Organic”

Other brands 🛒:

❤️Handsome: available at Walmart

❤️Sprouts brand

❤️Kirkland brand at Costco

❤️Farmers Hen House

If Pasture-Raised isn't an option you can go with Free Range, Organic, non-GMO. Because free range chickens only have a small space to forage, they will be required to have a feed supplement therefore, it is important to look for Organic/non-gmo supplement feed.

Here are a couple videos that explain more


Whites vs. the Yolks

Egg whites are a great source of protein 3 grams of protein for 15 calories. If you are following a low-calorie diet, eating egg whites is typically going to be recommended.

❤️What to buy🛒

You can buy carton egg whites - they don't need to be organic since the egg whites don't have fat

❤️Buy eggs whites in carton as they are less expensive

❤️Combine full eggs with egg whites to reduce calories & fat content

❤️Use egg whites as a replacement in baked goods or foods that call for eggs as a binding agent (example meatballs, meatloaf, egg wash etc...)

❤️Egg yolks are packed with vitamins and nutrients so, include them as well

Coach❤️Theah backyard chickens


Avoid highly packaged products that include excessive ingredients, processed Oils, and preservatives.

What to avoid

Conventional Store Brand

Cage Free Free Range

Avid any eggs/brands that aren't pasture-raised

Let's go shopping 🛒 for items that contain eggs or breakfast items

Check out my recipes at




Applegate Brands for bacon & sausage... no sugar added, no antibiotics

All of these products are Coach❤️Theah Approved

Where to buy: at the local grocery store, Walmart, Whole foods, Fresh Market, Target

❤️No Antibiotics Ever ❤️ Applegate humanely Raised ❤️️no GMO ingredients

Bacon, breakfast & dinner sausage, burgers, breaded chicken and nuggets, Meatballs,

Bacon: I have 2 favorites that I always have on hand:

My favorite is organic, no sugar uncured bacon:

Turkey Bacon is great for days that I need a little less fat:

Realgood Foods - These are a great KETO/Low Carb option for breakfast bowls and other items made from eggs

Breakfast 🍳🥓

❤️Breakfast Bowl - 26g Protein & 9g carbs

❤️Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich – 22g protein & only 8g carbs

❤️Grain Free Waffles - 10g protein & only 9g carbs

(add a fried egg or some cream cheese for added protein power breakfast)

Low Carb /high protein Tortilla’s made from Egg Whites:

Egglife Wraps are made from egg whites and packed with protein with zero carbs. They are my favorite low carb tortialla, great for sandwiches, pizza, deserts, homemade chips, enchiladas and breakfast burritos. Easy to toss in a Ziplock and take to your favorite Mexican restaurant:

Check out my recipe on Tortilla chips, enchilada, quesadillas etc...




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