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The #1 Thing to do for your health according to Coach❤️Theah

❤️Eliminate Seed Oils

In recent years, seed oils have gotten a lot of attention in the health world. Seed oils are vegetable based oils like:

Canola Corn

Soybean Cottonseed

Grapeseed Sunflower

Peanut oil Rice bran


These seed oils are highly refined and can cause inflammation, metabolic disease (Weight Gain), Heart Disease, increased insulin spike, increased blood glucose and oxidized LDL.

These fats are not found in nature.

They are mostly utilized in restaurants because of the inexpensive cost for dressings, sauces and cooking.

They are found in processed foods….. read your ingredients

2-8% of diet is dangerous

When consumed Linolic acid has a half-life of 680 days in the body

...... this means if you have a fried chicken sandwich with French fries, those seed oils will remain in your body for 680 days

❤️It's time to give yourself an Oil Change

Like protein and carbs, fat is a macronutrient that your body needs. But it's important to get the right

kind of fats... in the right


❤️Fat helps your body:

✔️Produce hormones

✔️Create energy Support cell growth

✔️Protect organs

✔️Absorb nutrients

✔️Promote satiety (help you feel full)

✔️Keep your cholesterol under control

✔️Support brain health

❤️Sources of Healthy Fats

Note: Coconut is 92% saturated fat, but it's mostly made up of medium chain saturated fats, which metabolize differently than other saturated fats. Coconuts provide many health benefits, so feel free to enjoy them. Just don't go overboard.

Here is my Healthy Fats guide

Healthy Fats Guide
Download PDF • 8.39MB


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