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Health Coaching

Health coaching sessions are focused on making broad-reaching lifestyle changes. Together we will identify areas in your life that could be negatively impacting your overall well-being. A comprehensive health, nutrition, and lifestyle assessment will guide your personalized healing protocol for me. You’ll identify healing opportunities within the hormonal, immune, digestive, and detoxification systems, among others and use the therapeutic power of food to build the foundation of long-lasting optimal health. 

            First, let’s talk.


  • Schedule a free 30 minutes Discovery Phone Call to go over your health and fitness goals

  • Let's ensure we are good fit, just like a 1st date 

  • This is the first step to your health journey

  • Click Here to complete my discover form and I'll contact you to book your call.

Weight Loss Management & Consulting Program


❤️Ground Zero: Week 1 – 7-day detox -

Eliminate grains, Legumes, Sugar, Industrial Oils

❤️Week 2 & 3 (first 21days):

Macronutrient Focus - Become Fat Adapted

❤️Week 4: Lifestyle - Sleep & Stress

❤️Week 6: Primal Fitness

❤️Week 8: Level Up - Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting (becoming Metabolic Flexibility for long term health)

❤️Week 10: Lifestyle - Sun, Play, Brain Health, and More

❤️Week 12: Celebration, Release, and Maintenance of your New Lifestyle

Included with each package is:

Free 30 minute phone consultation

❤️Health Assessment

❤️Personal Macro Calculation weekly

❤️Free Online App with customized plan to follow

  • Daily Lessons

  • Weekly Challenges

  • Macro Tracking & Weight Management Tracking

🚶‍♀️Exercise Plans🚲

❤️Supplement Plan

📞Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions

  • Weekly Food Diary Review

  • Weekly Check-in Progress

  • Unlimited email support

  • Food Lists and Guidelines for clean eating

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