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Chips, Crackers & Popcorn.... and yes, these are all Coach❤️Theah Approved

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

During my programs, we will discuss the importance of the 80/202 rule, eating protein and veggies (eat plants & animals) 80% of the time. Sometimes, we are challenged to where we want something salty, crunchy or sweet. Even this list meets my "eliminate and reduce poisonous things"... This post guides you and help with "Coach❤️Theah approved" healthy, primal, approved Chips, Crackers, & Popcorn.... for any snack attack

Primal, Gluten Free, KETO, Low Carb, #CoachTheah❤️Approved

First let's look at what are your best primal options:

❤️ Organic ❤️Gluten-Free

❤️ non-GMO Corn ❤️Grain-Free

❤️ Soy-Free ❤️Keto/Paleo Friendly

❤️Quality Oils (Coconut, Avocado, Olive oils)

❤️Look for items with organic with no added sugar or processed/refined seed oils

❤️For weight-loss limit carb to less than 10 per serving (always total carbs not net)

❤️Always check the ingredients list - see my "avoid" list below

❤️Watch and pay attention to serving size when it comes to carbohydrates


❤️ Use the low carb items as a chip replacement for dips and parties

❤️Seek out packaged items that include "Whole 30" approved

❤️Paleo packaged items / Gluten-free / Organic / No GMO



Avoid highly packaged products that include excessive ingredients, processed Oils, and preservatives.

What to avoid

⛔ Yeast Extract ⛔Canola Oil

Carrageenan Yeast Extract

⛔ Maltodextrin Natural Flavors


⛔ Glutamic Acid. The trade name of monosodium glutamate, is sodium hydrogen glutamate.

⛔Yeast Extract: Food that lists the ingredient yeast extract always contains MSG

Other Hidden Sources - Caseinate, Natural Flavors

Dextrose is often found in deli meats

Read ingredients in package foods and dairy products

Let's Start with our Low Carb / KETO /Primal items

Let's go Shopping.... we'll start with my "Low Carb List"

Pork Rinds: This is a great low carb/KETO option, they have different flavors and can also be crushed and used as "breadcrumb" replacement in recipes

4505 Meats: because they have clean ingredient, they are made with no added hormones or antibiotics, they are humanly raised, they are Keto, Low Carb and Paleo friendly. I love the Jalepeno cheddar, Tijin and the they have a snack mix that is great.

4505 Pork Rinds:

Epic: These are the most clean version of pork rinds and a couple of them are "Baked" not fried, which I love, especially if you are then dipping them in something with high fat content like cheese or guacamole. because they have clean ingredient, they are made with no added hormones or antibiotics, they are humanly raised, they are Keto, Low Carb and Paleo friendly.

Salt & Pepper:

Maple Bacon Seasoning:

Cinnamon Churro: you can use these to dip in something sweet, like cream cheese

These Chicken Crisps are great too (8g Carbs):

They also have great bars... I love the chicken Siracha

Pork King Good –

❤️Salt & Vinegar are my personal favorite:

Onion & Sour Cream:

Pork Rind Breadcrumbs:

Tips: Use these as a replacement for breadcrumbs in meatballs, meatloaf, stuffed mushroom, chicken parm, breaded chicken nuggets or other recipes that call for breadcrumbs. Trust me none will know 🥰

Check out my recipe on how to make your own Tortilla chips

Use these great dips for your Taco night or just as dipping my Coach❤️Theah Tortilla Chips, Parm crisps, veggies, or pork rinds

Use Coupon code "Coachthea" for a discount on your order

Meat Chips are another great "High Protein" Keto/Low Carb option. Here are the 2 brands that I always have in my pantry!

Carnivore Crisps -Use "coachtheah" and receive 10% off or the following link

Chicken Breast – I use like nacho’s and dip in Salsa, Guacamole

Pork Loin & Eye of Round are just great plain for on the road or boat snack

Carnivore Snax are my second favorite:

The following are my 2 personal favorites. These are great to eat when on the road and they are also great for breaking your fast or when you crave something salty

❤️Eye of Round:

Let's go shopping for the best cheese crisps🧀

Coach ❤️Theah Favorite Proudly Pure Salty Parmesan Cheese Chips:

Why I love these, they are big and can hold up to heavier dips or cheeses and because they are Low Carb Crunchy Chips Food, Natural Aged Premium Cheese, Zero Sugar (Wheat,Soy,Gluten) free

Other options:

❤️Just the Cheese:

❤️Primal Kitchen - All of these products are Coach❤️Theah approved

Gluten-Free, Soy Free, Sugar Free,

❤️Where to buy: 🛒 local grocery store, Walmart, sprouts, fresh market, health food stores

Why I love ❤️ this brand: Primal Kitchen's real-food pantry staples are made with wholesome, ethically sourced ingredients like cage-free eggs, organic avocado oil & spices, and are never made with anything processed or artificial.


This section is for healthy alternatives "Coach❤️Theah" approved in moderation.

Siete: This is the mexican food brand, that makes healthy grain free products. Again, these are "Coach❤️Theah Approved" but, not all weight-loss, KETO, Low Carb friendly

Why I love these products: they are Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Non GMO, Paleo, Vegan, Soy Free and they use Avacado Oil.

Potato Chips:

Grain Free Cookies:

They also have taco shells, Seasonings and Grain Free Tortillas, Enchilada sauce, Hot sauce, etc... I can't really find anything I don't like about their ingredients. These would be great items, replacements for cooking for the entire family, replacing cookies & chips for your kids and adults.

Lesser Evil: *Note: Not all of their products are "Coach❤️Theah" Approved

Grain Free Paleo Puffs (19 grams carbs):

Power Curls (13 g carbs):

Organic Popcorn:

Mini Cookies (Almond Butter Chocolate Chip):

Non-Dairy Cheddar "Lil' Puffs":

Veggie Sticks:

❤️Tips: Always check ingredients: Avoid Maltodextrin, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Whey, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Oils or any seed oils

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