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Day #25 ~ While you are fasting ❤️

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❤️These items don't break your fast:

Water, Tea, Coffee

Carbonated Water

Water infused with fresh fruit /herbs

These break your fast however, if they allow you to go longer you can use them as "aids" with limited impact on insulin:

Lemon/Lime Water

Heavy Cream in your coffee/tea (limit to 2 tbsp)

Butter/Ghee in your coffee/tea (limit to 2-3 tsp)

Bone Broth (Beef or Chicken) add a fat if you need it

If you need more help... Try a fat fast

Supplements during your fast:

❤️Electrolytes (Salt, Magnesium, Potassium)



What to avoid

Artificial Sweeteners

Foods that require you to chew

Gummy multivitamins


Protein Powder

Supplements that contain cane sugar, fruit juice concentrate, pectin, maltodextrin

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