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Day #27 "Fasting Monday"

Updated: Mar 27

Coach❤️Theah 30 day Primal & Low Carb Challenge

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Wow! Can you believe it, you are fasting... Check what time it is and how long have you been fasting since you last ate yesterday?

Yesterday was a travel day for me so, I started my fast on Saturday at 4PM 💪😝 I am currently 40 hours into my fast this morning and I feel great. Going to hit the pavement for a quick run

❤️It's Monday!

❤️Morning - go for a walk /maybe get a micro workout in

❤️Skip "Break-Fast" - have Coffee or tea

❤️Noon: Get some sunshine (go for a walk, hit a local shop, have a seltzer)

Carbonated water or seltzer can help curb hunger and manage an upset stomach. If you choose a brand that contains minerals and salts, it will help maintain your electrolyte balance too.