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Day #24 "Fasting Monday"

Coach❤️Theah 30 day Primal & Low Carb Challenge

Wow! Can you believe it, you are fasting... Check what time it is and how long have you been fasting since you last ate yesterday?

Yesterday was a travel day for me so, I started my fast on Saturday at 4PM 💪😝 I am currently 40 hours into my fast this morning and I feel great. Going to hit the pavement for a quick run

❤️It's Monday!

❤️Morning - go for a walk /maybe get a micro workout in

❤️Skip "Break-Fast" - have Coffee or tea

❤️Noon: Get some sunshine (go for a walk, hit a local shop, have a seltzer)

Carbonated water or seltzer can help curb hunger and manage an upset stomach. If you choose a brand that contains minerals and salts, it will help maintain your electrolyte balance too.

❤️Evening: Go for a walk, read or maybe meditation, catch the sunset

🍸enjoy an eveing "mocktail" with family or a loved one

💤if you want to complete a full day, try some bone broth, it will help you sleep

🚫No Alcohol Monday

❌ avoid evening caffeine


Primal Living

✅Take a break from eating

✅Move Frequently

✅Sleep ~ go to bed on time 🕙

✅Get plenty of sunshine 🌞

✅Do something you❤️ love everyday 💃

❤️What to drink while you are fasting?

💦Water, Coffee, Tea,

❤️Iced Coffee, Iced Tea (if you use sweetener, use Stevia or Monk Fruit

❤️ Water with electrolytes

🧊 Ice chips are great and keep you busy (I make mine with lemon juice and freeze them)

❤️Apple Cider Vinegar or Coconut Vinegar

❤️ACV drink: 16 oz water, 1.5 tbsp ACV, 1 Tbsp Lime juice, couple drops Stevia

🍸club soda or mineral water (with squeeze of lime)

🥤Diet Soda (I prefer Zevia) it won't break your fast & has not additives

🍸"Mocktails" club soda or mineral water (with squeeze of lime)

🥂I enjoy Zevia in a champagne glass when sitting on my front porch

❤️Appletini – If you love a good martini , this mocktail is exploding with apple goodness and lots of energy-boosting nutrients! No one has to know it doesn't have alcohol

❤️Coconut Piña Colada – The ideal flavor to transport you to a tropical paradise with this refreshing coconut and pineapple flavor combo.

❤️Peach Bellini – With a slightly tangy flavor that is oh-so-peachy, our Peach Bellini is a must-have for your next happy hour, brunch, or any time of day.



❤️Can you have alcohol "Yes" just not today

❤️ Drink in moderation during the week

❤️ Alcohol slows down calorie burning by 70%

❤️Alcohol dehydrates you and will not help as you transition to being fat adapted

❤️Alcohol had carbohydrates, especially mixed drinks....

❤️When moving to low carb diet, you will feel more buzzed

✔️Keep track of your alcohol in your food diary


Today's Activity:

Skip Eating and save time and money 💰

✅Go for a walk ✅Get some Sunshine

✅Go to bed on time ✅3 Micro workouts

✅Post a #HappyDay - something you love ❤️

✅Track your "fasting" time


Today's Workout: Walking / Micro Workout

❤️ Walk for 30 minutes today (morning, lunch, evening) it's the weekend

❤️ Aim for 10K steps per day 3-4 days per week

❤️ Strength Training or 3 Micro Workouts

Today's Recipes: None

Coach❤️Theah tip... enjoy the extra time in your day since you aren't cooking, thinking about food, what's for dinner"



❤️DISCLAIMER: Please always check with your primary health care provider before starting any supplement regime. More importantly, it is critical to monitor your numbers and levels of which you are on medication for insulin, thyroid medication, blood pressure, whatever it may be. With this diet and specific supplements, you begin to heal and you may over time be able to reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications. ❤️

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