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Protein ~ Day #15: The 21-Day Reset challenge with Coach❤️Theah

Woohoo, today is the start of a NEW habit. Your next habit mission for the next two week is:

Eat Protein with Every Meal


Why I love Protein Days and you should try them

Protein day focuses on the health benefits of one of the body’s most basic building blocks

Remember, protein helps develop bones, skin, cartilage and blood – while promoting

            Weight Loss

            Increased muscle mass

It helps us stay fit throughout all stages of life



Protein plays numerous roles in the body. Without protein in your diet, you would not be able to live or function. It is an essential, cannot survive without it, nutrient. Lucky for us protein is very abundant in nature, even in plants.

Protein is essential in:

✅Building and repairing tissues in the body like muscle and other cells

✅The structure for red blood cells

✅The proper functioning of antibodies to resist infection;

✅The regulation of enzymes and hormones.

When most think of protein, they think of muscles. Yes, building muscles is an important function of protein but, as you saw above, protein serves other critical purposes in our diet especially when you think about weight loss.



Protein helps you lose weight for a few main reasons:

❤️It makes you feel fuller longer which ultimately helps you consume less by helping reduce snacking and eating less between meals.

❤️High-quality proteins contain no sugar or very few carbs which helps keep your blood sugar stable.

❤️Protein helps to build and preserve muscle mass which will then increase your resting metabolism. This means you will be burning more calories for just being you, a stronger more muscular version of you.

❤️Protein helps you feel full after a meal.


⁉️ Why is protein different from carbs and fats?

⁉️ Protein is digested differently than carbs and fat.

Digesting protein is very expensive, calorically, for our body; more expensive than either carbohydrates or fats. This means it takes a lot of energy, calories, to break down protein. In the nutrition world, this is called the Thermic Effect of Eating. Protein has a higher thermic effect than carbohydrates and fat. Burning more calories throughout the day means better fat loss results.


Can protein contribute to enhanced alertness?

Unlike simple carbohydrates commonly found in processed foods, protein doesn't induce drastic fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

An excess of carbohydrates and sugar can lead to sudden bursts of energy followed by a subsequent mental fog. Have you ever had pasta or rice for lunch and then just want to take a nap? Carbohydrates triggers an increase in insulin levels, a hormone associated with fat storage. While insulin is crucial post-meal, maintaining its constant elevation through excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates is undesirable.

❤️Protein, on the other hand, plays a counteractive role. It helps stabilize blood sugar, promoting sustained energy levels throughout the day. This underscores the significance of incorporating protein into meals for a more balanced and consistent source of energy.


Is increased protein intake directly proportional to larger muscles?

The amino acids present in proteins are cherished by your body, serving to build muscle mass and fuel the body. Nevertheless, merely consuming protein is not sufficient for developing prominent muscles; it must be combined with a targeted exercise regimen to fully harness its muscle-building advantages.

Consider protein as a reliable ally. True friends thrive on unwavering support.

Give protein some❤️ love at each meal today ~ Coach Theah


Protein makes you feel full longer, builds and preserves muscle (in combination with a great strength training program of course), and burns lots of calories to digest.


💌Todays Challenge: Eat Protein First 

Lesson notes: How much protein should you be eating?

✅Target .6 - 1.0 gram of protein per lean body mass (or 30-40 grams per meal)

✅Aim for the 1-to-1 ration one gram if you're under stress, recovering from an injury, if you're a vegan or vegetarian, or if you're sedentary.

✅If you're in a maintenance stage with your body composition, you can stay closer to 0.6 grams per pound of body weight.

✅ Try to bump your protein in your breakfast and dinner, if possible (approximately 20-30 grams at breakfast and dinner). Don’t bother going over 30 grams of protein in a sitting as your body will have trouble processing it.


⌚Start Track When you are eating

The average person is eating for 15 hours a day — which is far from our natural, evolved rhythm. Focus on good TRE (Time Restricted Eating) - Eat ~ Stop ~ Eat

Eat 2 or 3 meals today, no snacking, start with protein

💌Tomorrow's Challenge: Intro to fasting & TRE (Time restricted eating)

🚫 Snacking

Constantly eating a little food all day long (even heavy cream), keeps insulin levels up, and

puts you into ‘fat-storing’ mode. This does not allow your body a chance to use the food it has

eaten, which sabotages weight loss efforts ~ remember practice TRE (Time restricted eating)

If you are eating, then eat a full meal. If you are not eating (in a car, at the movies, in a meeting etc.), then do not eat. Don’t mix the two up - Practice Mindful eating

Eat one or two or three meals a day sitting at a table. Do not snack constantly all day long while doing other things.

Have some bone broth with added salt or a little fat to hold you over between meals ~ Coach ❤️Theah Tip

High Protein Snack Ideas
Download PDF • 6.27MB

Today's Actions:

✅Eat your protein

Avoid Snacking & practice good TRE

✅Get some exercise 🏃‍♀️🏋️

✅Choose Supportive foods & eat mindfully

✅Get some Sunshine 🌞

✅Go to bed On-time 🛌🕙

Micro Workout Suggestions (pick 3)

❤️ 20 Jumping Jacks per minute for 5 minutes or run in place or butt kicks

❤️Air Squats every time you get a text message

❤️ 20 second plank during a commercial break

❤️ 20 squats while you wait for coffee

❤️ 3 sets of push-up (counter pushups while coffee brews)

❤️ Kettlebell swings during a commercial or phone call

❤️ Walk in place or around the car as you fuel up

❤️Pick 3..... consider that a win. We will build on these core strength micro workouts as we move forward in the challenge.

❤️Try to make it fun and a "habit" during the day....

PROTEIN portion Guide
Download PDF • 1.44MB

_High Protein Meal Plan
Download PDF • 3.36MB

High Protein Recipe Pack
Download PDF • 29.43MB

Disclaimer: This is not designed for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases, and it should not be considered a substitute for seeking medical treatment or professional guidance. Before initiating any nutrition or physical activity program, it is essential to consult with your physician. The reader assumes sole responsibility for using this program, and the author bears no responsibility or liability for any harm or injury that may arise from the application of the information provided.

Copyright: The content of this manual is strictly prohibited from use, reproduction, or transmission in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical. This includes methods such as fax, photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, except for personal use by the purchaser. The reproduction of this manual in any form is prohibited without the explicit written consent of Theah’s Enterprise & Business Consulting, LLC, doing business as CoachTheah. Exceptions are granted solely for reviewers intending to quote brief passages for review purposes in magazines, newspapers, or journals. However, even in such cases, prior written approval from CoachTheah is mandatory before publication.

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