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❤️Does the order of Food Matter?

❤️Does the order of which we consume food matter?

The order in which you eat your food plays a large role in the metabolic effect. Eating carbs last versus first is more beneficial in reducing insulin and glucose, which plays a big role in weight gain.

To maximize weight loss, eat the carbs last. It is hard to follow the perfect diet all of the time. We’re human and temptations happen occasionally. Don’t beat yourself up or get mad at yourself! Sometimes just a little strategic eating can help.

During your meal, plan to eat food by sequencing is the practice of eating greens or low-starch vegetables first, followed by Protein-rich foods /or fats and finishing off with complex carbohydrates. And it may be just the tiny tweak you need to help you feel full and reduce the insulin and glucose response.

No Snacking – don’t grab a handful of nuts or snacks prior to your meal

Don't try a bite of things you are cooking before you are ready to eat

❤️Food Sequencing for feeling full and less insulin & glucose response

#1: Drink water before meals

#2: Slow down when eating

#3: Start with a side salad

#4: Eat your protein

#5: Limit distractions

#6: Eat your starchy carbohydrates or fruit at the end of the meal

#7: Eat until full not stuffed

I like to finish my meal, have a glass of Soda water or sparkling water, wait 30 minutes and then determine am I full or do I need a little more to eat

Coach❤️Theah tip: I like to take a shot of ACV before a higher carb meal or add vinegar to that handful of French fries to reduce the insulin response.

Mindful eating is key to helping you feel full. "Distractions such as the cell phone, TV, Social media, texting, online meeting, can lead to mindless eating, and, in turn, result in overindulging.


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