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Day #6 "Monday Micro Workout"

Updated: Mar 6

March Madness Coach❤️Theah Primal & Low Carb Challenge

#CoachTheah #Primal #KETO #Lowcarb #Fitness

❤️ Are you following the 5 Primal Laws?

❣️Eat lots of animals & plants

⛔ Don't be sedentary

❤️ Get plenty of sunshine 🌞

❤️ Do something you love everyday 💃

❤️ Sleep ~ go to bed on time 🕙

Below is my post, if you want to a refresher on these primal habits

❤️How is your primal eating going?

Let's take a little break from talking about food, supportive and unsupportive food, foods to avoid etc... and let's talk about movement!

What are Micro Workouts & How to use them

❤️Short bursts of movement ~ push-ups, jumping jacks ~ planks ~ run in place

❤️ You can fit these into your day & make them a routine or habit forming

🚫 Not 60 minute gym commitment

❤️ Great for working from home, busy moms, or just starting back to a working out

Micro Workout Habit Stacking

"Think of all the things you do during the day that takes a minute or more and add a micro workout in during that time" Easy?

❤️ Brush your teeth & squat

❤️ Push-ups at the counter as you wait for coffee to brew

❤️ Squats while you boot up the computer or check your calendar

❤️ Plank while you run the blender

❤️ Take a walk after or during lunch time

❤️ Wall sit between meetings

❤️ Walk to get the mail at sunset

❤️20 jumping jacks every time you open the fridge

❤️Success..... as you find what works, repeat daily.... this forms a habit

Today's Activity:

❤️Choose Supportive Foods ~ Plants & Animals

❤️Go for a walk

❤️Add in 3 habit micro workouts


Today's Workout: Walking & Micro Workout

❤️ Walk for 25 minutes ~15 before work ~ 10 at lunch

❤️ Increase the # of steps by 10% from the previous day until at 10K per day

❤️ Form 3 habit micro workouts that you can commit to for this week

❤️ Walk the dog, catch up with your children or walk with a neighbor or friend

Today's Recipe: White Chicken Chili Soup or Taco Soup

❤️ Crockpot recipes for the weekdays are easy and give you time back in your day

Today's tips:

❤️ Form a healthy habit

❤️ Tailer your workouts to meet your fitness level

❤️ Make use of what you have at home