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Fasting for Weight-Loss

Updated: Mar 18

Fasting coupled with a Healthy Primal Keto diet will aid you to achieve faster weight loss weight loss benefits.

Fasting definition “To abstain from”.... you can fast from food, alcohol, chewing gum, exercising, running etc...

These tips are only for fasting for weight-loss benefits. These would not be true for autophagy or other reasons for fasting.

❤️What to drink during your fast: Coffee, Tea, Water, Lemon water, Electrolytes, carbonated water

❤️ Probiotics & prebiotics

❤️ MCT Oil in your coffee – if you need something to help you get to 20 hours

❤️ Heavy Cream or MCT Creamer

❤️ Bone Broth with olive oil

❤️ Collagen

❤️These items will break your fast from an autophagy perspective but, not from a weight-loss/fat burning prospective

What to avoid

⛔ Artificial sweeteners

Any foods that require you to chew

Gummy multivitamins


Protein Powder

⛔ Supplements that contain cane sugar, fruit juice concentrate, pectin, maltodextrin,

How to Start Fasting

❤️Step 1: Follow a 7-day detox off sugar, refined carbs and transition your body to burning fat.

❤️Step 2: Stop snacking – Eat 2- 3 meals a day, reduce refined carbohydrat

es, sugars and starches and add more fat to your meals – your eating window should be 16:8 (fasting for 16 hours, including sleeping time, eating for 8 hours)

❤️Step #3: Skip breakfast or skip dinner (whichever you prefer) This will start to stretch you eating window to 18:6. This should feel very comfortable 2-3 days per week

❤️Step #4 Reduce your eating window to 20-23 hours. A 20 hour fast is ideal for fast weight loss. This gives your body 20 hours of fasting. With this plan, you’re eating window could be 10-2 pm, 12-4 pm, 1-5 pm, 2-6 pm, etc...

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