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Go to Bed On-Time ~ Day #7 of the 21 day reset with Coach❤️Theah

Coach❤️Theah 21 day reset challenge #CoachTheah #21dayreset

Go to Bed On-Time

It's crucial to recognize the importance of prioritizing quality sleep. The benefits extend far beyond mere physical rest, encompassing cognitive function, emotional well-being, and overall health. By acknowledging and prioritizing the profound significance of sleep, we can unlock our full potential, leading happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. So, the next time you're tempted to cut corners on your sleep, remember that it's not just downtime; it's an investment in your well-being and success.

❤️Get into bed 8-9 hours before you need to get up in the morning (it's not about the exact bedtime that matters)

❤️Prioritizing sleep and establishing sleep habits and getting quality rest is important

❤️yes, everyone needs between 6-8 hours of sleep per night

Going to be on time & making it a routine will help

❤️ Get into bed 9 hours ahead of time, this gives you time to wind down and plan to sleep for 7-8 hours

❤️ do you tend to sleep longer than 8 hours? Set your alarm to wake at 8 hours

Not getting enough sleep?

🚫 Food cravings ~ weight gain ~ Insulin resistance

🚫 Premature aging ~ poor immune function

🚫 Stress Resistance

🚫Lack of energy ~ poor performance during workouts

🚫Dementia ~ Alzheimer's ~ Cognitive dysfunction

🚫Low Testosterone

Signs of lack of sleep or quality sleep:

🚫Food Cravings ~ lack of sleep will cause you to be more hungry, crave certain junk foods and you will have a desire for more food

🚫Sleep restriction increases food intake, particularly snacking

🚫You will feel irritable and become “hangry” instead of hungry

🚫The worse you sleep, the worse your skin ages

Great sleep starts in the morning

❤️Go outside and get some sun first thing in the morning

❤️Get some exercise

❤️Stop caffeine before noon

❤️Breakfast should be high protein, limit carbs in the morning

❤️Magnesium 500 -1,000 mg at bed, it will help you relax and is a good quality supplement for overall health (I take magnesium glycinate)

🚫Don't eat after sunset 6 PM

❤️Bone broth before bed - this helps with food cravings, gives you electrolytes, the glycine will provide quality sleep and will knock you out

❤️Keep your room cool 60-70 degrees

❤️Supplements for Sleep

Magnesium Glycinate - 500 MG 1-2 hours before bed

Glycine - 3 grams per day (morning, day or evening)


L-Theanine - 200 mg (1 hr before bed)

L-Tryptophan (helps you fall asleep) - take 30 minutes before bed

Today's Actions:

✅Get some 🌞sunshine

✅Choose Supportive Foods & practice Mindful Eating

✅Drink your water

✅Rest day for exercise


Disclaimer: This is not designed for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases, and it should not be considered a substitute for seeking medical treatment or professional guidance. Before initiating any nutrition or physical activity program, it is essential to consult with your physician. The reader assumes sole responsibility for using this program, and the author bears no responsibility or liability for any harm or injury that may arise from the application of the information provided.

Copyright: The content of this manual is strictly prohibited from use, reproduction, or transmission in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical. This includes methods such as fax, photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, except for personal use by the purchaser. The reproduction of this manual in any form is prohibited without the explicit written consent of Theah’s Enterprise & Business Consulting, LLC, doing business as CoachTheah. Exceptions are granted solely for reviewers intending to quote brief passages for review purposes in magazines, newspapers, or journals. However, even in such cases, prior written approval from CoachTheah is mandatory before publication.



❤️DISCLAIMER: Please always check with your primary health care provider before starting any supplement regime. More importantly, it is critical to monitor your numbers and levels of which you are on medication for insulin, thyroid medication, blood pressure, whatever it may be. With this diet and specific supplements, you begin to heal and you may over time be able to reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications. ❤️

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