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❤️ Fasting Schedule & Low Carb Macros to aid in weight loss and improve insulin resistance

16:8 / 18:6 Fasting Schedule: Practice my 16:8 or 18:6 Fasting Schedule 3 days this week

2-3 meals per day

Avoid any processed or refined foods

Limit carbohydrates to 50g or less per day

no snacking between meals

Eat protein at every meal with added healthy fats

Eggs with ham, bacon, Sausage

Chicken with Avocado on a salad

Cheeseburger without the bun with mashed Avocado

Avoid eating after 7 PM at night

This is a great beginner fasting schedule

If you need help reaching the 16 hour fasting window or need something between the meals, try a fasting aid....

What I call ‘Fasting Aids’ may be used by beginners, or anyone extending their fasting time and can include:

❤️heavy cream (2 Tbsp)

❤️MCT oil in your tea or coffee


❤️coconut oil

❤️bone broth, plain or add some fats to hold you over

❤️pickle juice/olive brine

❤️apple cider vinegar

❤️lemon/lime juice

❤️naturally flavored sparkling water, Soda water (with lime or lemon)

Fasting Aid Rules: You can use a fasting aid for each meal skipped. Example, if you skip breakfast, you can have heavy cream or butter in your coffee or tea

If you want a customized fasting or weight loss program, please reach out to me


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