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Day #14 Check-in & Progress Check: The 21-Day Reset challenge with Coach❤️Theah

How is your progress ? Are you feeling better, are you seeing weight loss on the scale?

if you have reached a weight loss stall or plateau, here are some areas to review

🚫 Snacking

Constantly eating a little food all day long (even heavy cream), keeps insulin levels up, and

puts you into ‘fat-storing’ mode. This does not allow your body a chance to use the food it has

eaten, which sabotages weight loss efforts ~ remember practice TRE (Time restricted eating)

If you are eating, then eat a full meal. If you are not eating (in a car, at the movies, in a meeting etc.), then do not eat. Don’t mix the two up - Practice Mindful eating

Eat one or two or three meals a day sitting at a table. Do not snack constantly all day long while doing other things.

Donate or give away or hide your snacking foods. If you tend to get hungry before the next meal, try adding something extra-filling fats & protein like an avocado or some eggs.

Have some bone broth with added salt or a little fat to hold you over ~ Coach Theah Tip

Nuts and nut butters

these are a great low carb, high protein healthy fat option, but they can be problematic, as a handful here and there adds up.

Some nuts are higher in carbohydrates than others. Higher carb nuts include cashews (22

grams net carbs per 100g) and pistachios (15), whereas pecans (4), brail nuts (4), and

macadamia (5) nuts are lower.

Don’t forget about the protein! Excess protein drives insulin which makes weight loss more difficult.

🚫Natural & Artificial Sweeteners

Avoid all sweeteners, including zero-calorie ones. They can induce cravings and make

fasting more difficult.

People often struggle with fasting, losing weight, and lowering their blood sugar levels. Eventually they get frustrated that they aren’t getting the same results as others and

start to cut the sweetener.

Within a few days they all start losing weight, seeing their sugars come down, and find the

fasting much easier.


Dairy foods are familiar so many people tend to go overboard with when cutting down the carbs.

Skip dairy 2 or 3 x per week or try to stick with less than 4 oz a day of dairy.

Eating too close to bedtime

Avoid eating late in the day. Ideally, eat your last meal of the day at least three hours before sleeping.

Meals eaten late at night tend to cause more weight gain.

⁉️ Dehydrated or Thirsty?

Many times we think we’re hungry, we’re actually thirsty, especially in the morning, between meals or in the evening

If you think you’re hungry, try drinking a glass of water, green tea, or even bone broth and waiting half an hour. Most of the time, the hunger goes away allowing you to continue fasting or until your next meal.

🚫Fatty Drinks

Drinking a fatty coffee or tea is no different than eating a full meal - that’s the bottom-line.

Even if you are in ‘fat-burning’ mode, your body will be fueling off the fat from your coffee or tea rather than you own body fat, which is counter productive to weight loss.

Today's Actions:

✅Weigh-in and post your progress

Avoid Dairy & Snacking

✅Get some exercise 🏃‍♀️🏋️

✅Choose Supportive foods & eat mindfully

✅Get some Sunshine 🌞

✅Go to bed On-time 🛌🕙

Micro Workout Suggestions (pick 3)

❤️ 20 Jumping Jacks per minute for 5 minutes or run in place or butt kicks

❤️Air Squats every time you get a text message

❤️ 20 second plank during a commercial break

❤️ 20 squats while you wait for coffee

❤️ 3 sets of push-up (counter pushups while coffee brews)

❤️ Kettlebell swings during a commercial or phone call

❤️ Walk in place or around the car as you fuel up

❤️Pick 3..... consider that a win. We will build on these core strength micro workouts as we move forward in the challenge.

❤️Try to make it fun and a "habit" during the day....

Dairy and Gluten Free Recipe Pack ~ CoachTheah
Download PDF • 19.64MB

Disclaimer: This is not designed for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases, and it should not be considered a substitute for seeking medical treatment or professional guidance. Before initiating any nutrition or physical activity program, it is essential to consult with your physician. The reader assumes sole responsibility for using this program, and the author bears no responsibility or liability for any harm or injury that may arise from the application of the information provided.

Copyright: The content of this manual is strictly prohibited from use, reproduction, or transmission in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical. This includes methods such as fax, photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, except for personal use by the purchaser. The reproduction of this manual in any form is prohibited without the explicit written consent of Theah’s Enterprise & Business Consulting, LLC, doing business as CoachTheah. Exceptions are granted solely for reviewers intending to quote brief passages for review purposes in magazines, newspapers, or journals. However, even in such cases, prior written approval from CoachTheah is mandatory before publication.

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