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Day #13 "Keep it Simple"

Coach❤️Theah 30 day Primal & Low Carb Challenge

Are you ready for cooking at home & Keeping it low carb?

❤️Protein ❤️ Fat ❤️ Carbohydrate

Track your food & exercise

❤️It's Day 13!

❤️Morning - go for a walk /maybe get a micro workout in

❤️Breakfast (Eggs &.... ) - try to push breakfast to later in the morning (10AM)

❤️Lunch: Protein Salad & go for a 15 minute walk

❤️Dinner: Protein & Vegetable (finish eating by 6 PM)

🚫No Snacking

🚫No Alcohol Day


Primal Living

✅Eat lots of animals & plants

✅Move Frequently

✅Sleep ~ go to bed on time 🕙

✅Get plenty of sunshine 🌞

✅Do something you❤️ love everyday 💃



❤️Can you have alcohol "Yes"

❤️ Drink in moderation during the week or take a couple days off

❤️Alcohol dehydrates you and will not help as you transition to being fat adapted

❤️Alcohol had carbohydrates, especially mixed drinks....

❤️When moving to low carb diet, you will feel more buzzed

✔️Keep track of your alcohol in your food diary

❤️What to drink?

🍸Clear spirits with club soda or mineral water (with squeeze of lime)

🍷Dry wine

🍾 Champagne 🍾🥂

Champagne: 2 grams of net carbs per 5 ounces (150 ml) Red wine: 2 grams of net carbs per 5 ounces (150 ml) White wine: 2 grams of net carbs per 5 ounces (150 ml) Beer: 13 grams of net carbs per 12 ounces (355 ml)


❤️You are ALLOWED to eat whatever you want ~ you are choosing foods that are consistent with your goals ❤️

Today's Activity:

50 grams or less of Carbohydrates

✅Go for a walk ✅Get some Sunshine

✅Go to bed on time ✅3 Micro workouts

✅Post a #HappyDay - something you love ❤️

✅Track your food & exercise


Today's Workout: Walking / Micro Workout

❤️ Walk for 30 minutes today (morning, lunch, evening) it's the weekend

❤️ Aim for 10K steps per day 3-4 days per week

❤️ Strength Training or 3 Micro Workouts

Today's Meal Plan Suggestions:

What you'll need for today:


🔲Chicken, Shrimp, smoked Salmon, Steak or steak tips

🔲Ground Beef or Ground Turkey (could buy burger patties)

🔲Produce: Lettuce, tomato's, zucchini, avocado, pickles, onions

🔲Fats: Butter, Mayo, Yogurt, or dressing (if not making your own)

Coach❤️Theah tip... don't buy "Unsupportive foods"

Breakfast: Eggs & Bacon, Ham, or Sausage

❤️Fried, Poached, hard boiled over easy, scrambled.. your choice, enjoy some bacon, on a sausage patty

🥑🥑add some Avocado

🥓Cook the entire package of bacon, you can toss some on your salad this afternoon

The 🥓bacon & 🥑avocado can be added to your salad for lunch - Protein & Fats❤️

Lunch: Big Ass Salad with Protein

here are some of my favorites:

❤️ Protein: Grilled chicken, Salmon, Shrimp, steak tips

❤️Fat: Dressing

❤️Add on: Bacon, ham or avocado if you have it leftover from breakfast

❤️hard boiled eggs (if you skipped breakfast)

Dinner: Lots of options here

Since we are keeping it "Simple" how about a burger?

❤️ Protein: Ground Beef or Turkey

❤️You can add that bacon & avocado from earlier today

❤️Fat: Mayo or use the sauce from the salad

❤️Add on: Bacon, avocado, cheese

❤️Toss a fried egg on... if you love eggs

❤️Sides: Pickles, Salad, Zucchini fries, Tomato Slices



❤️DISCLAIMER: Please always check with your primary health care provider before starting any supplement regime. More importantly, it is critical to monitor your numbers and levels of which you are on medication for insulin, thyroid medication, blood pressure, whatever it may be. With this diet and specific supplements, you begin to heal and you may over time be able to reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications. ❤️

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