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❤️Are you struggling with Weight-Loss? Are you insulin resistant?

Updated: Sep 9

❤️Insulin - what is insulin?

Insulin is a hormonal response that occurs in the body when eating. Insulin helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels by converting excess carbohydrates into fat, but when this becomes inefficient, it leads to weight gain, fat storage, diabetes etc…

❤️Insulin Resistance:

Insulin resistance occurs when your body's cells become less responsive to insulin, causing a lack of cellular blood sugar uptake, resulting in higher-than-normal blood glucose levels.

❤️What causes insulin resistance?

☑️Hormonal Imbalance – Conditions like PCOS are known factors for developing insulin resistance

☑️Inflammation – chronic inflammation – this can be caused by poor diet, alcohol, processed foods and industrial seed oils

☑️Poor Diet: eating a diet high in processed foods, sugars, unhealthy trans fats can spike blood sugar levels contributing to insulin resistance.

☑️Lack of Physical Activity: a sedentary lifestyle reduces muscle mass and impairs glucose uptake into cells, leading to increased demand for insulin production

☑️ Frequency of eating (constant fueling)

❤️Signs and Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Do you feeling sluggish after eating carbohydrates 😴

Do you have High Triglyceride Levels 📈

Do you have Elevated LDL Cholesterol

What is your Fasting Glucose? Normal range is 70-100 mg/DL

Higher levels could indicate insulin sensitivity and prediabetes

❤️Carb intolerance symptoms

Bloating & Gas

Weight Gain


Mood Swings

? Have you tired to reduce calories to lose weight?

? Have you tried to exercise more? That doesn't seem to work

? Have you tried, low carb, weight watchers, KETO, etc...

❤️How to Reduce insulin resistance and start burning body fat

#1: Reduce the frequency of eating - eliminate snacking, eat 2-3 complete meals per day

#2: Avoid late night eating

#3: Implement an intermittent fasting routing

Listen to the following podcast to listen to the science behind insulin resistance and how to burn body fat

❤️If you want to reverse insulin resistance, burn body fat, improve hormonal balance, reach out to me to build your customized coaching plan to align with your lifestyle and diet.


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