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Coach❤️Theah introduction to fasting

  • 30Days
  • 29Steps


The Coach❤️Theah Fasting Challenge will guide you through the process of determining your optimal fasting routine through: ❤️Baselining - You will identify your current Personalized Trigger, which you will use to recognize hunger. ❤️Finding out how your current foods and meals affect you. Learn how the foods you eat regularly affect your blood sugar. See which ones leave you satisfied and which ones put you on a blood sugar rollercoaster or lead you to eat more than you require. ❤️ Hunger training. Learn to delay eating until your blood sugar falls and you can ensure you are only eating when you need to refuel. This will ensure you are lowering your blood sugars and burning body fat. ❤️Eliminate snacking and late-night binging. This will ensure a restful night sleep & lower blood sugar levels in the AM ❤️ Determining your Main Meal vs Discretionary Meals. Identify the Main Meal you will use to anchor your eating routine and ensure you get enough nutrients. Using TRE you can treat other meals as discretionary meals if you require more than one feeding time to meet your energy and nutrient needs. ❤️Fat Fasting & Fasting Aids to help you in your fasting journey ❤️Optimizing your eating routine. Lock in your new habits to guarantee you’re moving towards your goals to optimize your weight loss or health results.

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