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Coach❤️Theah Healthy Living 365 Plan

  • 90Days
  • 96Steps


12 week coaching plan for health, fitness, longevity, and weight loss. The plan outline is below: ❤️Week 1: Detox: Food tracking and learning to choose supportive foods and eliminate unsupportive goods like Grains, Soy, Legumes, Sugar, Industrial Oils, Alcohol ❤️Week 2: Macronutrient Focus - Become Fat Adapted & understand macros to meet weight loss goals ❤️Week 3: Learning to understand hunger and eating ❤️Week 4: Learn how to leverage fasting for weight loss – Fat Fasting, Bone Broth ❤️Week 5: Protein days to continue weight loss strategies. ❤️Week 6: Primal Fitness / exercising while fasted to burn more fat ❤️Week 8: Level Up - Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting (Metabolic Flexibility) ❤️Week 10: Lifestyle - Sun, Play, Brain Health, and More ❤️Week 12: Celebration, Release, and Maintenance of your New Lifestyle

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