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Supplements for Constipation

Vitamin and mineral supplements can't replace a bad diet however, supplements coupled with a healthy, nutrient-dense diet can aid in obtaining optimum levels of all important vitamins and minerals

First lets look at what part of your diet can cause or contribute to constipation:

Dairy ⛔ Nuts


Low Thyroid

Dehydration - Alcohol, Exercise, and Caffeine

❤️ Add 2 1/2 TSP of quality salt daily

❤️ Drink 64 oz of water per day (not during meals)

❤️ Magnesium glycinate - up to 800 MG at bedtime

❤️ Vitamin C - helps draw water into the stools to help with elimination

❤️ Potassium - 200mg potassium: (watch closely if you are on blood pressure medications): Keeping your potassium levels up helps to safeguard your lean muscle mass during weight loss. Potassium prevents cramping and fatigue. A deficiency in potassium causes low energy, heavy legs, salt cravings, dizziness, and you may cry easily.

❤️Zinc is essential for creating DNA, a healthy immune system, building proteins, and triggering enzymes. Start this supplement slowly

✓ Start zinc slowly or you will get nauseous / 10mg per day for a week

✓ 2nd week increase 20mg per day for a week

✓ 3rd week take 30mg per day

✓ 4th week take 40mg per day

✓ Take 50 mg per day and hold at these levels

❤️ Iodine - ALL of our hormones NEED iodine to function.

✓ 80% of the US is deficient in iodine causing: sluggish and tired, difficulty losing weight, have dry skin, hair loss, constipation or cold sensitivity, miscarriages, poor brain development in children.

✓ A sluggish thyroid can cause migraines.

✓ Take 325mcg of Kelp a day

❤️ Bifido bacteria

✓ 1 capsule of bifido bacteria (just before first meal)

✓ Make sure it is Dairy-free

✓ Promotes regular bowel movements.

✓ Take with tablespoon of coconut vinegar help with absorption


What to avoid

⛔ Nuts ⛔Laxatives



⛔ Added Fiber


❤️ DISCLAIMER: Please always check with your primary health care provider before starting any supplement regime. More importantly, it is critical to monitor your numbers and levels of which you are on medication for insulin, thyroid medication, blood pressure, whatever it may be. With this diet and specific supplements, you begin to heal and you may over time be able to reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications. ❤️

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